XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

K.Eitel & M.Steidl

Statistical Analysis of the LSND and KARMEN numubar->nuebar Searches

A combined statistical analysis of the experimental results of the LSND and KARMEN numubar -> nuebar oscillation search is presented. LSND has evidence for neutrino oscillations that is not confirmed by the KARMEN experiment. This joint analysis is based on the final likelihood results for both data sets. A frequentist approach is applied to deduce confidence regions. At a combined confidence level of 36 %, there is no area of oscillation parameters compatible with both experiments. For the complementary confidence of 1 - 0.36 = 64 %, there are two well defined regions of oscillation parameters sin^2(2theta), Delta m^2 compatible with both experiments.

Based on hep-ex/0203023

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