XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

A.Geiser & B.Kahle (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)

Earth Tomography with Atmospheric Neutrinos

Atmospheric neutrinos cross the Earth from all directions. The dominant nu_mu-nu_tau oscillations yield a well-defined nu_mu disappearance pattern. Due to interactions with matter, subdominant nu_mu-nu_e oscillations can get amplified and modify this oscillation pattern in a characteristic way. This allows the measurement of the electron density of the matter crossed. From a combination with classical density measurements, information on the chemical composition can be obtained. Here, we study the applicability of this method to investigate the composition of the Earth mantle. It is demonstrated that separation of the neutrino and antineutrino component is necessary and that measurements at different baselines are essential. A realistic measurement procedure is developed in which the correlations between the density determination and the details of the oscillation parameters are minimized. A MONOLITH-type magnetized tracking calorimeter can be used to detect the (anti-)neutrinos with the required path length and energy resolution. However, extremely large data sets and oscillation parameters close to the Chooz limit are needed to obtain significant results. Quantitative simulation results are presented. Their feasability is evaluated and compared to an approach using several very long baseline neutrino beams.

Based on a paper in preparation

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