XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Large Volume Detector at LNGS and Neutrino Oscillation

We study the impact of the LVD detector in the neutrino oscillation scenario. LVD is optimised to detect neutrinos from supernova explosion in the galaxy. The possibility to detect neutrinos in different channels makes LVD sensitive to different scenarios for n properties, such as normal or inverted n mass hierarchy, and adiabatic or non-adiabatic MSW resonances associated to Ue3. Moreover, the performances of the LVD detector as a useful monitor for the CNGS beam are studied and presented. The detector efficiencies and expected number of muons, due to neutrino interactions in the rock before LNGS, are calculated using a full simulation of the neutrino CC interaction, of the transport mechanism through the rock and of the detector response.

Based on "Effects of neutrino oscillations on the supernova signal in LVD" [astro-ph/0112312]

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