XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

Y.Zdesenko (Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev, Ukraine)

The Future of Double Beta Decay Research

The current results and future perspectives of 2beta decay research are reviewed. Requirements for future super-sensitivity projects are formulated and the conclusion is obtained that such a goal will certainly be reached in the most realistic next generation experiments (e.g., CAMEO, CUORE, MAJORANA, GEM, GENIUS), where restrictions on the neutrino mass may be pushed down to < 0.01 eV. In addition, some projects may advance the best current limits on the existence of neutralinos - as dark matter candidates - by three orders of magnitude, and at the same time may be able to identify unambiguously the dark matter signal by detection of its seasonal modulation.

Based on a paper in Review of Modern Physics (2002) in press.

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