XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

Y.Zdesenko (Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev, Ukraine)

Background simulation and evaluation of XMASS experiment for the low energy solar neutrinos detection

The high sensitivity XMASS project is designed for the low energy solar neutrinos observation with the help of the liquid Xe scintillation detector with the 10 t inner fiducial volume (total mass of 23.3 t). The Monte Carlo simulation (with GEANT and DECAY 4 codes) evidently shows that p-p solar neutrino flux would be observed with the help of XMASS set up. At the same time, using 1.6 t inner volume of the detector filled with the enriched 136-Xe the sensitivity of the XMASS experiment in terms of the half-life limit for the neutrinoless 2beta decay of 136-Xe is T_1/2 > 10^27 yr, which corresponds to the neutrino mass constrain < 0.05 eV.

Based on a paper in Proc. International Workshop on Technique and Application of Xenon Detectors, December 3-4, 2001, Tokyo, Japan (2002) in press.

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