XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

D.Motta for the LENS Collaboration

LLBF: LENS Prototype at Gran Sasso

The LENS project is currently in an advanced pilot phase, whose aim is to prove or disprove the feasibility of the detector's concept. Most of the key questions concerning the response of the LENS detector can only be answered by a realistic prototype. In the year 2001 the LENS Low Background Facility (LLBF) has been installed at the Gran Sasso underground laboratories. The installation of the LLBF is now complete and we will describe its main features and performances. The aim of the LLBF is to house and run a prototype segment of the LENS detector, which will be installed during summer 2002. Here we present the status and perspectives of this prototype project. We expect to finalize the LENS pilot phase by 2003, after the results of the LLBF prototype. By that time the collaboration will be ready to submit a scientific proposal for the construction of the experiment.

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