XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

M.L.Sarsa Sarsa

Cryogenic Detection Techniques at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory: The ROSEBUD Experiment

The ROSEBUD (Rare Object SEarch with Bolometers UnDerground) Experiment main goal has been the development of cryogenic techniques to be applied in the search for dark matter. Since 1999, in the frame of the ROSEBUD collaboration, different absorber materials have been tested in a small cryogenic installation at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory. Measurements with sapphire (Al_2 O_3), lithium fluoride (LiF), germanium (Ge) and calcium tungstate (CaWO_4) have been carried out and a new one, including BGO as absorber (already tested in Paris) is in preparation. The disposal of such a variety of materials (used in the same mounting with identical environmental conditions) allow us to think in a possible future discrimination based on the target dependence (A, Z, spin content) of the dark matter signal. In parallel, the development of simultaneous recollection of light and phonons in order to discriminate electron/nuclear recoils is in progress. The first results obtained in Canfranc will be shown.

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