XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

C.Buck for the LENS Collaboration

The LENS Project

LENS (Low Energy Neutrino Spectroscopy) is a project for a real time, energy resolved, flavor specific, sub-MeV solar neutrino experiment. The detection principle is based on beta-minus inverse capture on a target nucleus to an isomeric state, followed by a delayed gamma cascade from deexcitation of the latter. The prompt signal (e-) carries the information on the neutrino energy, while the delayed coincidence tags the event as "neutrino candidate" and assures great rejection power against backgrounds. Such technique allows to measure the pure electronic component of the solar neutrino flux, down to the energy set by the threshold for the neutrino capture. The target isotopes will be loaded in an organic liquid scintillator and the detector will have a modular design. Many target candidates have been extensively investigated, and now the collaboration is focusing on 115In (threshold 118keV). We will describe in detail the detector's design and challenges for this particular target.

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