XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

C.Buck, B.Freudiger, G.Heusser, H.Simgen & G.Zuzel

Few Atom Measurements of 222-Radon

The radioactive noble gas nuclide 222-Radon represents a major background source in most of the low energy low counting rate experiments. In most cases the required low activity levels exceed the sensitivities of standard measurement techniques by far. Therefore highly sensitive techniques for the detection of radon in gases and liquids as well as for the determination of radon emanation from solids have to be developed. Moreover the dynamic behaviour of few radon atoms has to be studied in order to develop efficient purification procedures.

We present our approach to adress both items within the framework of the BOREXINO solar neutrino experiment. 222-Radon is measured via the alphas in its decay chain with miniaturized low background proportional counters. Absolute sensitvities of 50 microBq have been achieved. Concentration and purification procedures help to reduce the specific sensitivities for certain samples in the sub-microBq regime.

We have applied this powerful technique to test different cleaning procedures used in BOREXINO and to investigate thoroughly many samples that are used in the construction of the BOREXINO detector and major subsystems of the detector. We present results that may be of great relevance for future low count rate experiments.

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