XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Development of Highly Efficient Cryogenic Detectors for GNO

The GALLEX (1991-1997) successor experiment GNO (Gallium Neutrino Observatory) has been measuring the integral solar neutrino flux including the dominant flux of the low energy pp-neutrinos since April 1998. With a view to reducing both statistical and systematic errors in the experiment the miniaturized proportional counters still in use could be replaced by high resolution cryogenic detectors to measure the decay of 71-Ge to 71-Ga. The relaxation of 71-Ge occurs via electron capture under emission of Auger-electrons and X-rays with energies in the range between 0.16 keV and 10 keV. In order to show the feasibility of "Cryo-GNO" and to prepare a prototype phase at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory (3600 m.w.e), a new and especially shielded dilution refrigerator has been set up in the Underground Laboratory (15 m.w.e) in Garching.

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