XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

C.Lunardini (Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton)

Supernova Neutrinos and the Reconstruction of the Neutrino Oscillation Parameters

We discuss the potential of the study of supernova neutrinos for the reconstruction of the neutrino mixing matrix and the neutrino mass spectrum. The attention is focused on the scenario, likely to be realized in the near future, in which the oscillation solution of the solar neutrino problem is established and the solar and atmospheric oscillation parameters are measured with high (about 10-20 per-cent) precision. In this framework we study the impact of supernova neutrino observations, at present and future detectors, to the establishment of the hierarchy of the neutrino mass spectrum and to the measurement, or constraining, of the nu_e - nu_3 mixing angle, theta_13. The great sensitivity of the supernova neutrino signal to theta_13, down to tan^2 theta_13 = 10^-5 - 10^-4, is explored in detail in connection to the uncertainties in the knowlegde of the luminosities and energy spectra of the supernova neutrino fluxes in the different flavors.

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