XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Upper Limits on Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Fluxes from Cosmic and Gamma-Ray Data

Applying our recently developed propagation code we review neutrino fluxes above 10^15 eV in various scenarios and how they are constrained by current data. We specifically find a new model-independent upper limit on the cosmogenic neutrino flux produced by pion production of cosmic rays outside their sources that is considerably higher than the "Waxman-Bahcall bound". This is easy to achieve for sources with hard injection spectra and luminosities that were higher in the past. Such fluxes would significantly increase chances to observe ultra-high energy neutrinos in experiments which are currently under construction (such as Pierre Auger Observatory, HiReS, RICE) or in the proposal stage (such as EUSO, ICECUBE, MOUNT, Telescope Array).

Based on a paper in preparation with O.Kalashev, V.Kuzmin & G.Sigl

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