XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

D.Semikoz & A.Neronov

Large Neutrino Fluxes from Blasars?

High X-ray fluxes form 100 kpc-scale jets in AGN detected recently by Chandra have challenged the existing theoretical models. It is not clear how multi-TeV electrons which produce X-ray synchrotron radiation can be deposited over the 100 kpc distance from the AGN core. A recently proposed solution of this problem is the possibility that the multi-TeV electrons are supplied by the beam of gamma-rays with energies 10^15 - 10^18 eV. Gamma rays of these energies can be produced by protons with spectrum peaked at 10^16 - 10^18 eV accelerated in the core of AGN. Characteristic feature of the model is that neutrino flux (in the band 10^15 - 10^17 eV) in direction along the jet must be as large as the flux of GeV-TeV gamma rays (which is detected by EGRET, HEGRA and other gamma-ray telescopes). This means that the blasar-type AGNs would be seen by future neutrino telescopes such as AMANDA-II, ANTARES, Pierre Auger Observatory, ICECUBE, MOUNT and Telescope Array.

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