XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Neutrino Flux Bounds, Event Rates, and their Implications for an Inner Earth Tomography

During propagation through the Earth, neutrino-nucleon and neutrino-electron interactions lead to changes in a given neutrino spectrum. Using the latest CTEQ6DIS parton distribution functions and a discretized energy grid, we show that these changes can be computed (semi-)analytically, and we apply the formalism thus found in order to discuss the implications for the neutrino event rates (in water-based Cherenkov detectors) of various source models. Here we especially consider the flux bounds given by Waxman & Bahcall and by Mannheim, Protheroe & Rachen. In addition, we investigate the corresponding limitations for an inner Earth tomography by means of ultrahigh energy neutrinos.

Based on elarged version of astro-ph/0202074

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