XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Neutrino Masses and CP-Violation

Assuming massive Majorana neutrinos, 3-neutrino mixing and a rather precise determination of the parameters characterizing the neutrino oscillation solutions of the solar and atmospheric neutrino problems, we discuss the infomation a measurement of effective Majorana mass || can give on the neutrino mass spectrum, on the absolute values of neutrino masses and on CP-violation in the lepton sector. Furthermore we consider the implications that a measurement of the electron neutrino mass in tritium beta-decay experiments, combined with a measurement of ||, have for the possible determination of the leptonic CP-violation and in particular of the Majorana CP-violating phases.

Based on S.M.Bilenky, S.Pascoli & S.T.Petcov, "Majorana Neutrinos, Neutrino Mass Spectrum, CP-Violation and Neutrinoless Double Beta-Decay: I. The Three-Neutrino Mixing Case", Phys.Rev. D 64 (2001) 053010 [hep-ph/0102265].
S.Pascoli, S.T.Petcov & L.Wolfenstein, "Searching for the CP-Violation Associated with Majorana Neutrinos", Phys. Lett. B 524 (2002) 319 [hep-ph/0110287].
S.Pascoli & S.T.Petcov, "Majorana Neutrinos, CP-Violation, Neutrinoless Double-Beta and Tritium-Beta Decays", hep-ph/0111203

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