XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


High Statistics Measurement of 187-Re Beta Spectrum for Direct Neutrino Mass Determination

We report on the status of the Milano calorimetric experiment to measure the neutrino mass from the study of the 187-Re beta decay end-point. A first high statistics measurement of 187-Re spectrum has been performed with an array of 10 AgReO_4 crystals. The total mass and measuring time are about 2.3 mg and 10600 hours x detector respectively, giving a total statistics of approximately 6 x 10^6 187-Re beta decays. The measurement showed some systematics, mostly due to the presence of a residual background which will be discussed. After improving the set-up a second measurement with a new array of 10 AgReO_4 crystals has just started. A preliminary analysis of the data so far collected will be presented.

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