XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract


Analytical Treatment of Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae

We present a simple analytical prescription for the calculation of the neutrino transition probability in supernovae. We generalize the results in the most general case of three-neutrino flavor transition and in presence of non standard flavor changing and flavor diagonal interactions.

Based on G.L.Fogli, E.Lisi, D.Montanino & A.Palazzo, "Supernova neutrino oscillations: a simple analytical approach", Phys. Rev. D 65, 073008 (2002) [hep-ph/0111199].
G.L.Fogli, E.Lisi, A.Mirizzi & D.Montanino, "Revisiting nonstandard interaction effects on supernova neutrino flavor oscillations", [hep-ph/0202269].

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