XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

A.Derbin, O.Smirnov & V.Tretyak for BOREXINO collaboration

Search for Invisible Nucleon Decay Modes (N ->3nu, NN ->2nu) with Prototype of the Borexino Detector

Results of background measurements with prototype of the Borexino detector (CTF) were used to obtain upper limits on the instability of nucleons with respect to decays into invisible channels (disappearance, decays to neutrinos, maojorons, ...). The most stringent experimental bounds were established tau(nn -> 2nu) > 4.5 x 10^25 yr, tau(n -> 3nu) > 3.1 x 10^25 yr, tau(p -> 3nu) > 1.2 x 10^26 yr and tau(pp -> 2nu) > 5.5 x 10^25 yr.

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