XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Poster Abstract

O.Smirnov, O.Zaimidoroga & A.Derbin

Search for the Solar pp-Neutrinos with an Upgrade of CTF Detector

A possibility to use ultrapure organic scintillator as a low energy solar neutrino detector is discussed. The detector with an active volume of 10 tons and 4 pi coverage will count 1.8 pp-neutrinos and 5.4 Be7 neutrinos per day with an energy threshold of 170 keV for the recoil electrons. The evaluation of the detector sensitivity and background is based on the results obtained by the Borexino collaboration with the Counting Test Facility (CTF). The detector can be built at the Italian Gran Sasso underground laboratory as an upgrade of the CTF detector using already developed technologies.

Based on Preprints INFN-LNGS INFN/AE 01/18 (2001) and JINR E15-2001-188 (2001).

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