XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Displayed Papers:

Conference participants will have the opportunity to display their recent papers. However, there will be no formal contributed papers and no reviewing of these papers at this conference.

Poster Session:

The deadline for submitting posters has expired on 10 April 2002. The posters listed below have been accepted for display. If you do not find your poster in the listing, and if you have not heard from us, please get in touch with the conference secretary at neutrino2002@physik.TU-Muenchen.de.

Please inform the conference secretary at neutrino2002@physik.TU-Muenchen.de if there are any corrections or updates to your poster's title, list of authors, abstract, or links. We are willing to include links to your experiment's homepage, to the author's homepage, and to electronic versions of papers on which your poster is based. If you provide an electronic version of your poster, we will include it and link it to your abstract page.

Instructions for Displaying Posters:

The available space for your poster is the European A0 format in portrait orientation, i.e. 84 cm horizontal and 119 cm vertical. Note that pinning the pages of a preprint to the poster board is not acceptable as a poster display - if that is what you intend to do, please retract your poster application and display your work on the preprint table. On Wednesday afternoon, 29 May, 2002 there will be a formal poster session (see conference program). It is planned that you can begin posting your displays on Wednesday morning, and that the posters will then be displayed until the end of the conference.


  1. A.Hamer for the SNO Collaboration
    Calibration of the SNO Detector

  2. M.Dragowsky, A.Hime & J.J.Simpson for the SNO Collaboration
    Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Neutron Calibration in the Pure D2O Phase

  3. M.Boulay
    Event Reconstruction at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

  4. J.Dunmore, J.Wilson & A.Marino for the SNO Collaboration
    The Salt Phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

  5. N.Ferrari & L.Pandola
    Gallium Neutrino Observatory: Data Analysis and Systematic Error Reduction

  6. J.-C.Lanfranchi
    Development of Highly Efficient Cryogenic Detectors for GNO

  7. A. Di Credico
    CTF latest results in view of the Borexino experiment

  8. O.Smirnov, O.Zaimidoroga & A.Derbin
    Search for the Solar pp-Neutrinos with an Upgrade of CTF Detector

  9. C.Buck, B.Freudiger, G.Heusser, H.Simgen & G.Zuzel
    Few Atom Measurements of 222-Radon

  10. C.Buck for the LENS Collaboration
    The LENS Project

  11. D.Motta for the LENS Collaboration
    LLBF: LENS Prototype at Gran Sasso

  12. S.Schoenert, T.Lasserre & L.Oberauer
    The HLMA Project: Determination of High Delta-m^2 LMA Mixing Parameters and Constraint on |U_e3| with a New Reactor Neutrino Experiment

  13. Y.Zdesenko
    Background Simulation and Evaluation of XMASS Experiment for the Low Energy Solar Neutrinos Detection

  14. Henry Tsz-king Wong
    Research Program of the TEXONO Collaboration: Status, Results and Plans

  15. A. de Gouvea
    Solving the Solar Neutrino Puzzle with KamLAND and Solar Data

  16. P.Aliani
    KamLAND Potentiality in the Post SNO-NC Era

  17. R.G.Pizzone
    The 7Li(p,alpha)4He Fusion Reaction Studied Via the Trojan Horse Method and its Astrophysical Implications

  18. B.C.Chauhan
    MSW Constraints on the Matter Density Profiles in the Solar Interior

  19. Jai Sam Kim
    Full Numerical Estimation of Neutrino Mixing Parameters from Solar Neutrino Data

  20. O.L.G.Peres
    Interference Effects Induced by a Non-Zero U_e3 and Solar Neutrino Parameters

  21. V.Antonelli
    Phenomenological Analysis of the Recent Data on Solar Neutrino Physics and of the Forthcoming Experiments


  1. M.Sanchez
    Recent Atmospheric Neutrino Results from Soudan-2

  2. M.Spurio
    Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Flux: MACRO Final Results

  3. A.T.Habig
    The Many Uses of Upward-Going Muons in Super-K

  4. A.Geiser & B.Kahle
    Earth Tomography with Atmospheric Neutrinos

  5. M.Honda, M.A.Huang, T.Kajita, K.Kasahara & S.Midorikawa
    Further Study of Atmospheric Neutrinos with a Three-Dimensional Calculation

  6. C.Waltham, Y.Tserkovnyak, R.Komar & C.Nally
    A 3-D Calculation of Atmospheric Neutrino Fluxes


  1. K.Eitel & M.Steidl
    Statistical Analysis of the LSND and KARMEN numubar->nuebar Searches

  2. B.Choudhary
    Development, Construction and Performance of A Large Solid Scintillator Detector for the MINOS Experiment

  3. A.T.Habig
    The MINOS Far Detector

  4. W.Winter
    Neutrino Oscillation Tomography - or - What Could One Learn About the Earth's Interior from Neutrino Oscillations in Matter?

  5. N.Okamura
    Measuring the CP-Violating Phase by a Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment with Hyper-Kamiokande

  6. V.Ammosov, V.Garkusha, A.Ivanilov, V.Kabachenko, E.Melnikov, F.Novoskoltsev, A.Soldatov & A.Zaitsev
    Prospects to Measure Neutrino Oscillation Pattern with Very Large Area Underground Detector at Very Long Baselines


  1. T.Ohlsson
    T-Violating Effects in Neutrino Oscillations with Three Flavors in Matter

  2. T.Schwetz
    Status of Four Neutrino Mass Schemes: A Global and Unified Approach to Current Neutrino Oscillation Data

  3. D.Suematsu
    Flavor Mixing in Quarks and Leptons

  4. M.Frigerio
    The Structure of Neutrino Mass Matrix and CP Violation

  5. G.Seidl
    Bilarge Mixing of Leptons Using Abelian Flavor Symmetries

  6. S.Antusch, J.Kersten & M.Ratz
    Renormalization Group Evolution of Neutrino Mass Parameters


  1. B.Müller & T.Thümmler
    Particle Storage in MAC-E-Filters

  2. L.Bornschein & C.Kraus
    Latest Results of the Mainz Neutrino Mass Experiment

  3. B.Flatt
    Design of KATRIN Pre Spectrometer

  4. M.Sisti
    High Statistics Measurement of 187-Re Beta Spectrum for Direct Neutrino Mass Determination

  5. M.Fink, T.Gay & R.Mawhorter
    Energy Calibration of the Texas Neutrino Mass Experiment by Electron Diffraction


  1. S.Elliott for the Majorana Collaboration
    The Majorana 76Ge Double Beta Decay Project

  2. K.Zuber, C.Goessling, H.Kiel, D.Muenstermann & Y.Ramachers
    COBRA - A New Approach to Double Beta Decay Using CdTe

  3. W.Rodejohann
    Measuring Leptonic CP Violation in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

  4. S.Pascoli
    Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Neutrino Masses and CP-Violation

  5. Y.Zdesenko
    The Future of Double Beta Decay Research


  1. M.Passera
    Elastic Scattering of Neutrinos off Polarized Electrons

  2. I.Picek
    On Selected Radiative Corrections to the Nondiagonal Neutrino-Electron Interaction

  3. A.Derbin & O.Smirnov for BOREXINO collaboration
    Search for Electron Decay Mode e -> nu + gamma with Prototype of Borexino Detector

  4. A.Derbin & O.Smirnov for BOREXINO collaboration
    Study of the Neutrino Electromagnetic Properties with Prototype of Borexino Detector

  5. A.Derbin, O.Smirnov & V.Tretyak for BOREXINO collaboration
    Search for Invisible Nucleon Decay Modes (N ->3nu, NN ->2nu) with Prototype of the Borexino Detector

  6. M.Trinczek
    Novel Search for Heavy Neutrino Mixing from the Positron Decay of K-38m Confined in an Atom Trap

  7. L.A.Popeko
    Status of the NESSI Project


  1. S.Pastor
    Neutrino Oscillations In Dense Neutrino Media

  2. Cancelled

  3. R.Tomas
    SN 1987A and the Status of Oscillation Solutions to the Solar Neutrino Problem

  4. C.Lunardini
    Supernova Neutrinos and the Reconstruction of the Neutrino Oscillation Parameters

  5. D.Montanino
    Analytical Treatment of Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae

  6. M.Keil
    Monte Carlo Study of Supernova Neutrino Spectra Formation

  7. M.Selvi
    Large Volume Detector at LNGS and Neutrino Oscillation

  8. A.S.Murphy
    OMNIS, the Observatory for Multiflavour NeutrInos from Supernovae

  9. S.E.Yuralevich
    New Possible Source of Huge Neutrino Bursts


  1. S.Hundertmark
    Search for UHE Neutrinos with AMANDA

  2. M.Kowalski
    Search for Neutrino-Induced Cascades with the AMANDA II Detector

  3. R.Stokstad for the IceCube and AMANDA Collaborations
    The Digital Optical Module - How IceCube will Acquire Data

  4. D.McKay
    Performance, Simulation and Flux Limits from the RICE Detector

  5. S.N.Dobrovolsky
    Long-Wavelength Transition Radiation Application for High-Energy Neutrino Detection

  6. Huang Ming-Huey
    Expected Performance of a Neutrino Telescope for Seeing AGN/GC Behind a Mountain

  7. C.Hettlage
    Neutrino Flux Bounds, Event Rates, and their Implications for an Inner Earth Tomography

  8. D.Guetta
    Neutrino Flux Predictions for Known Galactic Microquasars

  9. D.Semikoz
    Upper Limits on Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Fluxes from Cosmic and Gamma-Ray Data

  10. D.Semikoz & A.Neronov
    Large Neutrino Fluxes from Blasars?


  1. C.Cozzini
    CRESST Dark Matter Search: Results of Phase I

  2. M.L.Sarsa Sarsa
    Cryogenic Detection Techniques at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory: The ROSEBUD Experiment

  3. J.Morales
    Improved Constraints on WIMPs from the International Germanium Experiment IGEX

  4. J.Morales
    Searching for Annual Modulation in the WIMP Signal: The ANAIS Experiment at Canfranc

  5. V.A.Kudryavtsev for the Boulby Dark Matter Collaboration
    Dark Matter Experiments at Boulby Mine

  6. E.Torrente
    Relic Neutralino Density in Scenarios with Intermediate Unification Scale

  7. J.-F.Glicenstein
    EROS2 Results on Baryonic Dark Matter

  8. A.Derbin & V.Muratova
    Search for the Invisible Axion Emitted in the Nuclear Magnetic Transitions

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